blendartrack privacy policy

Mobile App

Blendartrack does not require the user to provide any personal information and does not collect any.

Blendartrack uses the TrueDepth camera system, if it’s available on the device, to track facial expression of the user. There is neither stored any data from the TrueDepth camera on the drive nor send to any server. Blendartrack doesn’t use the TrueDepth camera system for any other purpose than the app’s face tracking functionality.

The gathered information by blendartrack is only used to determine the position of facial features to drive and track a face mesh, track the camera position in space, track point clouds and provide camera recordings. Therefore camera access is required to use the application. Plain text files with data for reconstruction are stored in app, locally on the device and can be accessed or removed by the user at any time. blendartrack does not guarantee absolute security by the transmission of data over the internet by using third party sharing applications.

The Privacy Policy may get updated from time to time. You are advised to review the changes on this website. The changes become affective as soon there are posted on this site.

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Blender Plug-In

The main feature of the plugin is to convert data, created with the mobile app blendartrack, to make it available in Blender for the users creative process.

By downloading the plug-in, the users is provided a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable license to use the plug-in for the designated purpose. The user may not copy, redistribute, modify or interfere with the source code of the plugin.