BlendArMocap – Release

Improved the transfer results overall, add-on setup and the performance. The transfer now also includes the fingers y-angles, mouth corners, eyebrows and has an experimental leg transfer feature.

Doodle Fall

An Occulus quest application which I developed during my practical terms at EXXETA. Was a lot of fun and a cool project but it sadly never got released.

However – it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot. The sound is by my friend wytr – cool dev and musician.

Return To Play

This is a preview of a prototype I’ve been creating for EXXETA during my practical terms. It features 12 different return to play tests for medical sport tests and a scene generator for creating new custom sport tests.

The prototype has been created for the HTC Vive using Unity and Blender.

Sea Has Eyes

Dealing from the current situation of the seas and the flaws of humanity. Focussed on creating an impactful cgi animated short with high visual fidelity. Everything in the short movie is cg, there is no real footage involved.

The short movie has been created using cinema4d and after effects during my studies. Special thanks to Martin Winter creating the sound scape.